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We’re very excited to introduce Boost Lee, a Bruce Lee-inspired character in our new campaign. 


At Boost we believe that people want the freedom to top up their energy when and where they’d like, so who better to be an inspiration for us than the  iconic martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who’s the master of power and control.

Boost Lee is the the master of energy control and management and he’s here to  motivate and inspire households who want to control their power.

We are very proud of having developed this campaign in close partnership with the Bruce Lee Estate and we hope that Boost Lee will help the UK prepay households take charge of their energy. 

Shannon Lee, Founder/Owner, Bruce Lee Enterprises, said: “When we learned that the Boost proposition was about controlling your energy and customizing your experience, we felt the alignment with the Bruce Lee message and philosophy were really pretty parallel. We hope that everyone will recognize the lighthearted fun with which the campaign was created while at the same time hitting some pretty deep messaging points!”