Boost's Christmas Countdown Checklist

Boost’s Christmas Countdown Checklist


Getting organised and being ahead of the game is the best way to make sure you’ll have more holiday cheer and less holiday stress this Christmas. So get Christmas 2018 off to an absolute cracker with Boost’s Christmas Countdown Checklist.




1. Start your Christmas!

Feeling stressed at what should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the year? You’re not alone. The trick is to be prepared. Chill. You’ve got this. Write down all the people you want to buy gifts for so you know exactly how many gifts you need and who they’re for. Now all you need to know is what you’re buying…


2. Go hunting for bargains

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, those Christmas bargains are there to be had. Jot down your gift ideas and also make a note of when your favourite shops or online stores are starting their sales – you could save an absolute fortune on those main presents. Often big brands will offer to send you email alerts direct to your inbox, so use those to be the first to know when a bargain is up for grabs.


3. Get wrapping!

You don’t want to get all the wrapping paper and tape out only for a house full of friends or family to turn up and catch you in the act do you? Wrap up presents when the kids are at school, or make sure you get clued up on when other people will be out of the house so you get some time alone.


4. Switch to LED Christmas lights

LED Christmas lights use a whopping 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. If we all swapped a string of those old fashioned lights for LEDs we would save...wait for it...£13 million during the 12 days of Christmas alone! While you’re at it, replacing all the standard bulbs and halogen spotlights in your home with energy saving light bulbs could save you £35 a year.


5. Keep your calendar up to date

You don’t want to miss out on your best friend’s Boxing Day drinks because you’ve promised Aunt Mavis you’ll look after her cats, do you? Make sure you don’t let things get out of hand by double booking yourself over the silly season by updating your calendar – whether it be on your smartphone or stuck on your fridge – and keep track of all your plans. Sorted!


6. Cook anything that can be frozen

Things like breads and cakes can be made way ahead of schedule.  If you wrap them up properly they keep really well in the freezer, and you can have a few extra things on hand if people pop by unexpectedly too. 


8. Once Santa’s been, block up that chimney

Now obviously you don’t want to make Santa’s job any harder, so maybe wait until after Christmas morning to do this one. But if your house has an unused fireplace with a chimney, that’s just a huge hole you're losing heat from. So seal your chimney up with a draught excluder such as a chimney balloon, and you’ll save around £25-£30 a year on heating bills.