Boost’s Christmas Gift Guide


Coming up with original gift ideas and then splashing your cash year after year can be time consuming and costly. That’s why we’ve put together a bunch of thoughtful, personalised and low cost gift ideas that your friends and family will love.




A 2019 photo calendar

Inexpensive and super personal (if you upload photos of your nearest and dearest of course), there are plenty of websites online where you can upload your choice of images and have them made into a calendar. Choose your 12 favourite photos, one for each month of 2019, and you can make sure your holiday snaps are seen all your round hanging up in someone’s kitchen.


Turn your face into a cushion

Turn your face (or someone else’s) into a cushion. Sounds weird, but it’ll have the recipient in fits of giggles and there’ll be fights over who gets to use it to sit on throughout Christmas. All you have to do upload your photograph online and away you go. You can even order more than one and dish them out to your mates!

Make your own chocolate treats

These are super easy to make and super fun too...just try not to eat them all yourself! Chocolate truffle recipes are super easy to follow and only use a few ingredients. Once you’ve made your truffles you can wrap them up beautifully in boxes, which will guarantee to put a smile on anyone's face. 


Turn your favourite tweets into art

Celebrate or shame your Twitter-obsessed friends by immortalising their tweets and hanging them up on the wall for all to see. All you need to do is paste your chosen tweet’s URL into the website, choose which kind of frame you want, and it'll be delivered to your door in just a few days. The ultimate masterpiece!


See your name in lights

If you're ready to put your name in lights, then this is the one for you. Write your name (or any word you like, for that matter) using this 50cm long neon light made of super cool electroluminescent wire technology. Choose between constant or flashing, the kit will let you change the word with ease and will even teach you the science behind it.