Father's Day Gift Guide


Not another pair of socks? 

Father’s Day hits the UK on the 16th of June and to stop you having to go on a last minute run round Tesco, we’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide to celebrate your old man... 



For the hard-working Dad... How about a hammock?

Okay okay, a little out there, but hear us out…

All Dads deserve a bit of relaxation and with summer just around the corner, your hard-working Dad needs somewhere to put his feet up, feel that gentle summer breeze… and take a well-deserved nap. 

Make him feel like he’s in the Bahamas, even though he’s in the back garden.

You can pick one up for around £20

For the tech Dad… How about a projector?

We know what Dads are like with tech. 

Projectors used to be insanely expensive but these days you can look to spend around £50.

Imagine his face lighting up at the thought of using the living room wall as a TV to watch the match. Plus, you can always ‘borrow’ to catch up on your favourite show.

Make sure you go for HD for added image crispness and one with a HDMI port so you can hook up the Sky box. 

For Chef Dad… How about Grow-Your-Own? 

Maybe your Dad has a classic Chilli recipe, or maybe when it's his turn to cook, it’s always a curry.   

Either way, the only way to make a home-cooked meal taste even better is to use homegrown ingredients. 

Now, granted, this isn’t the 50s, we don’t all have allotments but not to worry! These days, you can grow fresh ingredients on the window sill.

Ranging from £5 to £20, you can pick up ready-to-go grow-your-own Mushrooms, Avocados, Herbs, Tomatoes and even Coffee beans

A bit tame? Well for those dads, who always ask for extra chillies in their Vindaloo, why not a grow-your-own Ghost Chilli

...all we can say is good luck with that one!

For the Thinking Dad… How about his next big read?

What Dad doesn't love a good book?

Whether it’s a classic Crime novel, a historical epic or his favourite sports people’s autobiography, Dads love a good read. 

A wander into your highstreet bookstore can run up a surprisingly large bill. So we wanted to give you a helping hand to find a cheaper option. 

Our first place of call is Amazon, especially if you’re a little last minute - prime delivery works a dream! If your Dad has a Kindle you could also purchase the Kindle Edition of your chosen book at a reduced cost. 

Next up, why not try the Book People to pick up a bargain? They have great prices across the site, but for that added bonus head to ‘Offers’ tab.

Alternatively, The Works has a great range of discounts. Head to the ‘Special Offers’ tab and check our their multibuy discounts. How about their 3 for £5 Holiday reads? Perfect for your Dad’s next trip. 

If you need some inspiration on what to get him, how about the new book from The Secret Barrister - Stories of the Law and How It's Broken coming in at just £5 for the hardback?  

The Secret Barrister is a secret (well.. duh) junior barrister who pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the criminal justice system - your dad’ll be hooked, we guarantee.

Whatever you end up getting him, we hope you have a great day together.