Get Set for Winter with Boost

Let’s face it, nobody likes a chilly house. So curl up and stay cosy with our top five tips for staying warm this winter.




1. Weatherstripping tape on windows and doors

First off, fill in the gaps around windows and doors and you’ll reduce the amount of heat you lose. All you need to do is pick up some self-adhesive insulating weatherstrip tape and go around your house finding all the cracks and spaces where heat can leak out from. But be careful and make sure you get it right – if the strip's too thin it won’t work, but if the strip’s too thick it’ll stop the window or door closing properly.

2. Insulate your hot water pipes

Have you ever woken up on a cold morning to find you’ve got no hot water or heating? Well you needn’t feel that sinking feeling again because popping some foam pipe lagging keeps the water inside hotter for longer and can stop your pipes from freezing. Not only that, but it makes your heating and hot water much more efficient and you can pick up foam pipe lagging for peanuts.


3. Bleed your radiators

Have you noticed that your radiators aren’t heating up fully? They might be hot at the bottom and cold at the top, and if so, your radiators need bleeding...but don’t panic. All this means is that a pocket of air has become trapped inside stopping the heat from circulating, and you need to release the excess air by ‘bleeding’ your radiator. You’ll need a radiator key to open the little valve at the top (they’re super cheap), and the air should hiss. Once all the air’s gone and water starts to drip, you’ve done it. Happy heating!


4. Line your curtains and keep them closed

No double-glazing? No problem! You can still keep the warmth inside even when the sun’s gone down by stopping heat from escaping under your doors with a draught excluder. These are relatively inexpensive, but even better you can make your own draught excluder at home for next to nothing – a fun project that the kids will love.


5. Rugs, rugs, rugs!

Lots of us have carpets down in our homes, which is great, and you don’t have to worry about those rooms. But any room with wooden, laminate or tiled floors are losing heat fast. Putting down a warm rug covers up any gaps in the flooring as well as giving your room a new look.