Hubble, bubble, toil & trouble

Give your friends and family something to scream about come October 31st – you and your home will look the part for Halloween if you follow our killer ideas...


Home-made costumes that'll gurantee a fright


Have you always wanted to turn heads at a Halloween party with a super-realistic costume? Well if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and don't fancy spending the earth on something you wear one night a year, you could try your hand at one of these DIY costumes. Take a look at our top five costume ideas from around the web:

1. The Severed Hand 
2. The Mummy 
3. The Man Cut in Half 
4. The Skeleton
5. The Zombie 


These hanging ghost decorations will “float” your boat


What you’ll need:
White balloons x3
Black craft paint or black stickers
Old white sheets
Helium Canister 
Craft glue

Step 1: Inflate your balloons with the helium 
Step 2: Using paint or stickers, draw/stick a pair of ghost eyes onto each balloon
Step 3: Cut your sheets into individual squares and layer over the top of the balloons
Step 4: Rip the bottom of the sheets or cut rips into them using scissors

And there you have it – three ghastly ghouls to “hang out” at Halloween!

Or if the thought of celebrating Halloween scares the bejesus out of you...

First of all, if you’ve got a porch, turn off those lights! Actually, just make sure all your lights are off outside of your house – garden, garage, you name it. Why not go one further and close all of your curtains and blinds? You want to make it seem like nobody’s home, so only keep a few necessary lights on inside the house so trick-or-treaters get the message and stay away.