Moving home? Don’t miss our checklist


You’ve got the keys to your new place, but that was the easy part. Now you’ve got to move all your stuff across town and sort out all the admin that goes with it. We hope our moving home checklist will make your life a little easier around move day. 



Deep clean your old place from top to bottom

The dreaded cleaning fee. We’ve all had to pay it at one time or another, but you don’t want to give the landlord or property management company any ammunition to be able to say you weren’t a good tenant. If you want to make sure you get as much of your deposit back as possible, make sure the place is spick and span before the powers that be come round to do their inspections. Take photos with time-stamps once you are done to ensure you can prove how spotless you left it.

Remember, if you have any issues when moving out and claiming back your deposit - you can always cotact Citizens Advice for impartial free advice.


Change your delivery address and redirect your post BEFORE you move

This is one of those things that you’ll have every intention of doing, but in the excitement of it all it’ll almost certainly slip your mind. It might help to make a list of all the companies or websites that have your address on file – think all of the obvious ones like your mobile phone provider and your place of work, but what about all the online stores you’ve ordered things from? Even if you think you’ve remembered them all, you won’t have, so arrange a mail redirect with Royal Mail too.


Remember your meter readings

Take a note of your final meter readings with us in your old home and take photos of the meter. When you get to your new place, take the meter readings of the new property (again take a photo) and give them to us so we can get you set up with Boost. 

Find out more on moving house and maintaining Boost connection here.


Get as many boxes as you can and label them

This might sound like a simple one, but you’ll almost certainly need more boxes than you think – you have way more possessions than you could imagine and they all need a box to live in for the journey to your new home. Not only that, but you’re going to want to label each one with what’s inside and what room they’re for. It’ll save you so much time at the other end, we promise.

Pack an overnight bag

When you’re finally done with the moving, the first thing you’ll want to do is stick the kettle on. An overnight bag is usually just fresh clothes and toiletries, but if you’re moving house you’re going to want all that stuff as well as things like tea bags, mugs, plates, snacks, and of course the kettle. 

Take photos with date and timestamps immediately of your new place

This is to avoid any confusion over what was in your new place and how you found it - it can come in handy if you decide to move again at somepoint. So get snap-happy and take as many photographs as you can, making sure they’re stamped with the date they were taken on (the day you move in) and what time.

Compare TV and internet deals ASAP

We take access to the internet for granted, but you quickly realise how much you rely on the web the second your connection fails. That’s why it’s important you get the ball rolling to get an internet service provider sorted as soon as you move in. Make sure you get a good deal by using a price comparison website and then get an engineer booked in right away.

Register with a doctor, a dentist and the electoral roll

You don’t want to wait until you’re sick or in desperate need of a dental check up before you think about registering with a GP of dentist surgery. And make sure you get to have your say by registering to vote in your local and national elections too.