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Boost’s guide to mastering your New Year’s resolutions 



New Year’s resolutions. If not every year, we’ve all made them at some point. And as January rolls to a close, the truth is not many people will have found them easy to keep. 

A recent YouGov poll asked people which New Year’s resolutions they were attempting: 

1. Eat healthier (37%) 
=1. Get more exercise (37%)  
=1. Save money (37%) 
2. Focus on self-care (24%) 
3. Read more (18%) 
4. Learn a new skill (15%) 
5. Get a new job (14%) 
6. Start a new hobby (13%)
7. Focus more on relationships (12%)
=7. Focus more on appearance (12%) 
8. Give up alcohol/smoking (9%)
9. Go on more dates
10. Focus less on appearance (3%)

Unfortunately, our favourite resolution, cutting unnecessary energy waste, doesn’t make the top 10 – but it could definitely help with saving money. More on that later. 

So why do we fail? 

Everyone’s got their excuses. But science has tried answering the question properly. It turns out that the New Year tends to make us feel like new people, making us more likely to set really hard targets – it’s called ‘the fresh start effect’. 

So the answer is pretty simple – people fail because they set unrealistic goals for themselves. 

Boost your resolutions with an acronym! 

Yep. The key to setting good resolutions is an acronym. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related. So let’s blend our favourite resolution, cutting energy waste with the top resolution, saving money, and make a SMART resolution.



Try to set a focused goal that fits in your everyday life. For example, if you want to save money, cutting your energy wastage is a simple but effective way to do that. 



How can you measure energy spend? If you’ve already got Boost Smart PAYG+, you can track how much you’ve spent on energy using our app’s daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns. Easy!



Nothing drastic. Start by turning off lights and appliances when they’re not being used and have a go at using the washing machine at 30 degrees. 



Everyone can justify doing this resolution, as saving energy is a great way to save some extra cash. Everyone uses energy, so everyone can try saving it!  


Time-related –

At first, try and see a reduction in energy spend in 4 weeks time – of course, the weather is colder during that time, so don’t expect a big saving straight away. But keep going over the year, and the savings should add up. 

That leaves a pretty solid resolution:

Over the next year, cut down on unnecessary energy use to save money, by using the washing machine at 30 degrees and turning off lights when they’re not being used.


Set some SMARTer resolutions 

Now you know how to set better resolutions and stick to them, why not have a go at setting or re-working some of yours – it doesn’t just apply to energy or money-saving resolutions, so apply it to whatever you like.