Why you should take a break from social media

How much time do you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites? Studies have shown that people who spend loads of time on social media can end up feeling depressed. And that by cutting back or giving it up can make you feel happier. And we’re here to help…


Reconnect the old fashioned way

Remember when we used to meet up to talk face-to-face? When we have a real conversation with someone we share so much more than just information. Our tone of voice and body language is a massive part of what we communicate, and that all gets lost when we just put it online instead. So make time to sit down and talk, you never know the conversations you might have!

Quality family time

With everyone glued to their smartphones, computers and tablets, we can end up feeling like strangers in our own homes. Whether you live with your kids of flat-mates, why not try a ‘social hour’ - where you turn off all your devices at the sametime and enjoy eachothers company.


Keep an eye on screen time

To help keep your kids focussed on what they should be doing, instead of just flicking through social media sites, you could try a parental control app. It lets you block certain sites and also set limits on how long they can browse on their phones. There are loads of apps out there to choose from, a free one that works well is OurPact Parental Control. And if you need an app to help you cut down too, then check out Space, to break your phone addiction. 

Birthday wishes done right

When it’s your birthday, think how much more personal it is to get a phone call or to receive a card in the post, instead of getting a comment on your Facebook wall. Let’s get back to the old-fashioned ways of showing someone we’re thinking about them on their special day.

Sleep better

What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep? If it’s using social media then you could be making things hard on yourself. It’s been proven that switching off all your screens one hour before bed will help you get to sleep easier and give you a more restful night. 


Share the good news

Passed your exams? Getting married? Having a baby? Why not share the good news by word-of-mouth, instead of just posting an update online. Tell your family and friends personally or give them a call and share the excitement of talking about it properly. 

Improve your self esteem

Constantly looking at social media can give us a warped perception of reality. How come? Well, if we keep gawping at airbrushed photos of models and celebs and reading beautifully written status updates about how happy so-and-so’s life is, we can start to compare this unreal world with our real life. And real life just isn’t like that.

More time for the things you love

You’ve just got home from work, and what’s the first thing you do? Check social media, scroll, click and refresh. Just think about all the other fun things you could be doing instead. Maybe watch a film, read a good book, or do a hobby you love, all without distractions by putting your phone down.