Standing Charges Explained



So, you’ve noticed that the weather’s getting warmer, you’re not using your heating but you’re still being charged? Well don’t worry, because we’re going to explain exactly what standing charges are, why we have them and what you can do to be prepared.

What is it?

A standing charge is a fixed daily charge that goes towards the cost of supplying gas and electricity to your home. The cost goes towards other bits and bobs too, but it’s mainly to maintain power lines, pipes, and your meters.

Why am I paying it?

You pay a standing charge no matter how much energy you use. So to keep things fair for everyone, we prefer to have a higher standing charge and keep energy costs as low as possible, so that you're not penalised for using more energy. 

When do I pay it?

Standing charges are deducted from your meters each morning, but the times can vary depending on the type of meter you have. This money will still be taken even if you’re not actually using any electricity or gas, so you’ll see your balance fall by the same amount each day to cover your standing charge.

And remember…

It’s important to keep topping up your gas meter in the summer, even if you’re not using any gas. This is because standing charges will still be taken daily and if you don’t top up to cover this, you’ll end up with a debt balance you’ll need to pay off.