Who's for a winter warmer?

There are plenty of reasons to feel cheery about the coming of the cooler weather: the return of your favourite TV shows, or finally being able to sleep without all the windows open. But having to turn up the heating and saving for winter isn’t one of them.

Enter the Winter Wallet! 



Boost’s new Winter Wallet feature, available for Boost PayG+ customers, rewards Boost customers for saving up for winter.

Winter Wallet works by giving you the option to pay into a savings pot whenever you like – whether you’re topping up or just feel like adding to it. And the best bit, you could even earn yourself an extra 5% Boost bonus...

Here’s how it works:

In the weeks leading up to winter, when your energy use is typically lower, you can add extra money to the Winter Wallet. You can choose how much extra money you want to add in and you can add it in whenever suits you.

Set yourself a target – let’s say £100 – and if you manage to reach it before 9th November we’ll throw an extra fiver into your Winter Wallet as a bonus from us.

Deal? Let’s get saving!

Open your Boost app to get started