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Welcome to Boost


Your previous supplier, Economy Energy, has ceased trading and Ofgem (the GB energy regulator) has decided that Boost (as part of OVO Energy) will be taking over your PAYG energy supply. You’ll be getting a letter from us explaining everything in more detail. 

If you’re a PAYG customer, you’re in the right place. If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, you’ll be joining OVO and you can find FAQs here

Got a question about what's happening?

See if we’ve already answered your question. 

We started supplying your energy on the 12th of January, but you’ll see a later supply start date included in your welcome comm and other communications from us. This is simply because we took over your energy supply before we could move your account to our systems, and it won’t affect your supply.

If you have a traditional meter you should keep using your usual electricity and gas key/card to top up. We’ll be sending you a new gas card soon, but you’ll be keeping your current electricity key. 

If you have a smart meter, you should continue to top up with your existing top-up card(s) or through the online top-up portal if you use it. This means we won’t be sending you new cards for now. 

If you’ve lost your traditional meter key/card, or smart top-up card, please visit Boost Help and search ‘problem with my meter key card’. 

Don’t worry – as long as you continue to top up, your supply will not be affected. 

If you have disconnected because you have run out of credit, please top up as normal. 

If you have a smart meter, you can reconnect your meters after topping up by pressing A, A and then B. As usual, you might need to wait 30 minutes after reconnecting your electricity meter to reconnect your gas meter. 

If you’ve got an energy emergency and are off-supply, we can book an emergency appointment with one of our meter engineers. Please give us a call straight away on 0330 102 7428.

You are being switched to Boost’s standard variable PAYG plan.

The prices are the same no matter what type of meters you have, but if you do have smart meters your plan will be called Smart PAYG (all online). 

You’ll find full details on your energy rates in our welcome comm on the ‘Plan Overview’ page; the rates in the yellow boxes don’t include VAT – but VAT is included on the rates on the ‘Your Tariff’ information page. 

If you have a traditional meter(s), your credit will have remained on your meter(s) for you to use.

If you have a smart meter, your old balance has been transferred to Boost, so you don’t need to call for a refund.  

You might notice that your available balance is lower since you switched to Boost – don’t worry, you haven’t lost any credit from your top-ups. Your available balance is made up of your credit plus emergency credit. As Economy Energy had £10 emergency credit and Boost offer £5 emergency credit, your available balance is now £5 less than before. 

So long as you applied through Economy Energy and received an acceptance letter, or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) told you that you were eligible, Boost will be honouring all Warm Home Discount payments. There’s no need to call us, as we’ll get all the details we need from the DWP and Economy Energy.

If you’ve got any further questions about Boost, or anything energy related, check out Boost Help or visit our Forum for speedy answers from our customers. 

There are plenty of benefits to staying with Boost – if you haven’t heard much about us, feel free to have a look through our website to find out more. 

If you’d still like to switch, you can do so without paying any exit fees – but it’s best to wait until your account is fully transferred to us, or your switch might take longer than usual.