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How does the switching process work?

There are 5 steps, but all you need to do is get the ball rolling on the Quote & Switch and give us some meter readings.

Once you've said ‘yes please’ and joined Boost, your switch gets underway. The switching process is really simple.

The process goes like this in 5 easy steps:

  1. You’ll get a welcome pack in the post, with everything you need to know about your Boost energy plan, including which one you’ve chosen and your expected switch date
  1. You’ve got 14 calendar days to change your mind from the day you sign up, so check all the information carefully and get in touch if you'd like to change anything. Just let us know (by email or by phone) if anything needs changing, or if Boost isn't for you.
  1. Once those 14 days have passed, we’ll contact your current energy supplier and get the ball rolling.
  1. A few days before your switch date we’ll ask you to give us your first meter readings. Once we’ve got them, we’ll send them off to be validated.
  1. As soon as they’re validated we'll open your account. Welcome to all things Boost.

That’s it. Simple. So what are you waiting for…?

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