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Get back on supply with a traditional meter

If one of your meters goes off supply for any reason, it’s important to act fast to get it going again.

If you top up by inserting your electricity key or gas card into your meter then you have a traditional PAYG meter.

If you run out of credit and go off supply, we’re here to help you make it work again.

You need to top up at any PayPoint shop and pop your prepayment card/key into your meter like you usually do in order to bring your credit above zero. Your meter will reconnect automatically once you’ve topped up.

If it’s not, or you see a message on your meter’s screen, start a chat with us (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm). We’ll sort it.

Any questions? We’ve got your back.

Can I use my emergency credit?

Emergency credit can offer you some leeway if you find you can’t top up right away. Find out how to use your £15 emergency credit and keep your energy running. Don’t forget that if you’ve used your emergency credit, you’ll need to head to the shops and top up with at least £15 in order to see your energy supply continue.

How much do I need to top up if I go off supply?

How much credit will I need to add if my meter cuts out? We don’t take any standing charges or debt repayments while your energy is disconnected, or when you’re using emergency credit. So those charges will come off as a lump sum when you next top up.

That means that when you top up to reconnect your meter, you’ll need enough money to cover any emergency credit you’ve used, and any standing charges and debt that weren’t paid while you were off supply.

There’s no minimum credit amount to reconnect your meter – but make sure you top up enough to keep your energy on supply until you’re ready to top up again.

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