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What happens if my prepayment meter runs out of credit?

You’ll go off supply – but good news – it’s easy to get it up and running again.

Running out of credit can happen – so if it does, here’s what to do.

Your first step should be to top up on with your payment key or card with credit at your local PayPoint or Payzone (electricity only).

You might need to use your emergency credit if you can’t top up right away. That’ll give you a little extra breathing space so you can get to a shop to top up.

What if I don’t access my emergency credit, or I use it up so it runs out?

Once you’ve run out of credit, your energy will disconnect and go off supply – but don’t worry, as soon as you top up, it should automatically reconnect when you insert your key or card into the meter again.

How much credit will I need to add if my meter cuts out?

We don’t take any standing charges or debt repayments while your energy is disconnected, or when you’re using emergency credit. So those charges will come off as a lump sum when you next top up.

That means that when you top up to reconnect your meter, you’ll need enough money to cover any emergency credit you’ve used, and any standing charges and debt that weren’t paid while you were off supply.

There’s no minimum credit amount to reconnect your meter – but make sure you top up enough to keep your energy on supply until you’re ready to top up again.

How do I reconnect my meter?

You don’t need to do anything – your meter should reconnect itself as soon as you’ve topped up enough. However, if it doesn’t reconnect, or you see a message on the screen, please contact us through web chat

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