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Getting back on supply with Smart Standard

If your electricity or gas meter goes off supply, we’re here to help you make it work again.

There are two things you need to do to get back on supply.

1. First, top up enough to bring your balance above zero

You can do it at any PayPoint shop, like you usually do.

2. Then, reconnect your meter

After you’ve topped up, for safety reasons, you’ll have to reconnect your meter manually.

  1. If you're reconnecting your gas meter, make sure all gas appliances are off before you start.
  2. Press any button on the keypad of your meter on the wall. You’ll see the OFF message change to READY (this can take up to 30 minutes).
  3. When it does, press A, then B, to reconnect.
  4. Your meter will now say ON.

Done. Your energy should be back on track. For your safety, make sure your boiler pilot light is on and there’s no gas escaping from any fires, hobs or gas ovens that you were using when the gas went off.

What if my meter says VEND or OFF after I’ve topped up?

That means your top-up did not go through – most likely because your meter’s connection was not working when you were topping up. In this case, enter your top-up receipt number manually (it’s made of 20 digits), like this:

  1. Press A to start.
  2. Enter the 20-digit code.
  3. Press B to confirm.
  4. The screen should then say READY.
  5. Press A and B to reconnect.

What if my meter says OVERLOAD?

Your meter is performing safety checks before getting you back on supply. So you just need to make sure everything’s in order, like this:

  1. Turn off all gas appliances.
  2. Slowly turn off the isolation valve.
  3. Slowly turn the isolation valve back on.
  4. Reignite the gas appliances one at a time.

If you’re still stuck and can’t get back on supply, contact us through web chat. We’ll help you out.

Can I use my emergency credit?

Emergency credit is there to provide some flexibility if you can’t top up right away. You can use your emergency credit to keep your energy flowing (here’s how), up to a maximum of £15. Just ensure that next time you do top up, it’s with at least £15. That way, you’ll pay your emergency credit off and see your energy supply continue.

How much do I need to top up if I go off supply?

To ensure there is no disruption to your energy supply, you’ll need to cover any standing charges from emergency credit use. When you top up, pay at least £15 to bring your account back to zero. Emergency credit use only ever goes towards your energy. We will never take charges directly from your account.

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