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What is the 'Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice' (SMIS)

The catchily-named Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMIS) is an industry-wide set of standards that our engineers follow when installing smart meters in your home.

We want our engineer’s visit to your home to be a great experience. So as well as the high-level of training and testing they go through before knocking on your door, we’ve signed up to ensure they follow SMIS standards too.

They cover important things. Like setting out the info our engineer needs to tell you about your meter. Or making sure the booking process contains all the info you need. It also extends to the support we offer to vulnerable customers who need extra help.

Before our engineer finishes up your smart meter appointment, they’ll show you how your new smart system works, and how to get the most out of the features it brings. They’ll also give you a guide which contains plenty of tips and advice on how to make your home more energy-efficient, from small tweaks to bigger projects that’ll save you more in the long-run.  And to finish up, they’ll let you know who to get in touch with for more help or advice about your energy.

Seeing as the SMIS is all about getting you the info you need about smart meters, here are a few useful links to get you started:

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