What do I need to know about energy in winter?
When the colder months come around and the nights get darker sooner, there are some things you need to know. Here’s how to stay on top of your energy in winter.
What should I do in an energy emergency this winter?
Everything you need to know about getting extra help paying for winter bills and more.
How do I get up and running after going off supply?
It’s really easy to kickstart your gas or electricity supply, but each meter has different steps.
Can I top up my electricity online?
It depends if your meter is a ‘smart’ or ‘traditional’ meter. Here’s what you need to know about both.
What’s ‘single wallet’ for Smart PAYG+?
It’s your wallet of credit – or Smart PAYG+ balance – that both your gas and electricity meters dip into at the same time, as and when they need it.
Why won’t the Boost app work for me?
Check this list to see if you can use it yet.
How do I get started with the Boost app on Smart PAYG+?
Once you’ve had your smart meter installed, it’s simple. Just get your bank card ready and we’ll show you what to do next.
How do I top up on Smart PAYG+ with the Boost app?
It’s dead simple. Download our free app and you can top up in seconds – wherever you are.
How do I schedule a top up with Smart PAYG+?
Whether you’re tucked up in bed or miles away from home, you can quickly schedule top ups with the Boost app.
How do I keep track with the Boost app on Smart PAYG+?
Once you’ve downloaded our Boost app and registered your bank card, you can see what’s going on with your energy – anytime, anywhere.