Can I top up my electricity online?

It depends if your meter is a ‘smart’ or ‘traditional’ meter. Here’s what you need to know about both.

Topping up your electricity meter online

If you’ve got a smart meter, you can probably top up your electricity online. However, if you’ve got older traditional meters and use a key to top up, you can’t do that online.

 If you currently have a traditional meter and you want to top up your gas or electricity online, ask your energy company if you can upgrade to a smart meter. Most suppliers are working hard to upgrade as many customers as possible to smart meters, and the government wants every UK home to have a smart meter by 2020.

I’ve got a smart meter – how do I top up my electricity online?

If you’re an Boost customer with a smart electricity meter, you need to be on Smart PAYG+ to top up online. Just download our Boost app (iOs or Android)  and then you can top up whenever you want.. You could be at home in your armchair, at your workplace, on Mount Everest (ok..that’s a maybe) – in fact you can go online to top up your gas or electricity anywhere you can get a mobile signal.

You can also use a computer to top up your electricity online through your My Boost account.

If you’re with a different supplier and they don’t have an online top-up service, why not ask us for a quote?

Can I top up my gas online, too?

If you have Boost smart meters, you don’t need to top them up separately; each time you top up online, the top-up is allocated across both gas and electricity. If you’re a Boost Smart PAYG+customer, each time you top up your electricity meter online, you’ll top up your gas too.

If you’ve only got a traditional gas meter, you must top up at PayPoints.

How do I get a smart meter?

It’s worth contacting your energy company to see if they’re installing smart meters where you live. If they are, they should put you on the waiting list for a smart meter.

If you’re a Boost customer and we haven’t contacted you already, we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re installing smart meters in your neighbourhood. Then you can book an installation date, tell us you want to be on Smart PAYG+, and you should soon be able to top up your electricity and gas online.

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