Traditional PAYG or Smart PAYG+ – what’s the difference?
Traditional PAYG or Smart PAYG+ – what’s the difference?
The clue is in the name – one is ‘smarter’ than the other. Smart PAYG+ gives you the freedom to top up anywhere with the Boost Power app
How will my IHD stop me running out of credit?
It’s not magic. But it’s not far off. Your In-Home Display (IHD) has a bunch of functions that monitor credit. You can even set alerts to stop that cold shower becoming a reality.
How can my In-Home Display (IHD) and smart meter help if I run out of credit?
Your IHD and smart meter work as a team to help you manage your energy use and keep an eye on your credit.
How do I add credit manually on a smart meter?
If you’re on our PAYG service (not PAYG+) and a top-up doesn’t show up on your IHD or smart meter, here’s how to add it manually.
Can I add credit manually on my IHD or smart meter?
Paypoint top-up not showing on your IHD? You might need to add the credit manually. Here’s how.
What happens if my smart meter is running low on credit?
If you’re about to run out of credit for gas or electricity (or both if you’re on Smart PAYG+), your smart meter can give you plenty of warning.
Getting back on supply with Smart PAYG+
If one of your smart meters goes off supply for any reason, it’s important to act fast to get it going again.
What’s ‘single wallet’ for Smart PAYG+?
It’s your wallet of credit – or Smart PAYG+ balance – that both your gas and electricity meters dip into at the same time, as and when they need it.
Why won’t the Boost app work for me?
Check this list to see if you can use it yet.
How do I get started with the Boost app on Smart PAYG+?
Once you’ve had your smart meter installed, it’s simple. Just get your bank card ready and we’ll show you what to do next.