How do I top up on Smart PAYG+ with the Boost app?

It’s dead simple. Download our free app and you can top up in seconds – wherever you are.

Once you’ve got a smart meter installed, you can top up anywhere with the Boost app, by text or through My Boost. You’ll still be able to do it at a PayPoint outlet too, if you prefer it the old fashioned way.

The Boost app is free to download at Apple App Store or Google Play.

Top up from your mobile

  1. On your home screen, press ‘Top up now’.

  2. Pick ‘£5’, ‘£10’, ‘£20’, ‘£50’ or ‘Other amount’ and type in your own number, then click ‘Confirm’.

  3. You’ll then see a confirmation of your top up.

How secure is my payment when topping up my PAYG+ account?

It’s important to us that the payments you make online are secure. When you top up, you need to provide the 3 digit security code on your payment card and your payment may also be subject to extra security checks by your bank.

Each time you make any online payment (including topping up), your bank may decide to check that you are the owner of the payment card by asking for:

  • Something you know, like a password or PIN
  • Something you have, like a trusted mobile device
  • Something you are, like your fingerprint

These checks are done by your bank - we can’t control whether you are asked to complete them when topping up. 

Why did my top-up fail?

If your top-up has failed, there are a few reasons why this might have happened:

  • You’ve tried to top up more than you have available in your bank account
  • You provided payment card details that weren’t recognised, such as an incorrect expiry date or security code from the back of your card
  • You didn’t pass the extra security checks with your bank

There may be some other reasons too. If you’ve checked all your details are correct and you’re still having trouble, you should speak to your bank in the first instance.

More about Smart PAYG+

Through the app you can also:  

  • Forget going to your meter to find out. The app will tell you how long till you next need to top up.

  • Create automatic card payments to top up credit on a regular date – it’s the ease of Direct Debit with no risk of going overdrawn.

  • Set top up payments to go out when your credit gets to a certain level so you never go off supply unexpectedly.

  • Get reminders by text or email when your credit is running low.

If you haven’t got a smartphone, no worries. You can also top up by text, through My Boost on your computer or at your nearest PayPoint outlet.

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