How does Boost add credit and debt to my meters?

Sometimes we might need to add credit or a debt onto your meter. Here’s how it’s done.

How’s credit added to my electric meter?

If we need to add credit to your electricity meter, we’ll call or email you to give you an 8-digit number, also known as a ‘TAG code’, which usually starts with the numbers 05. Then, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Wait for at least an hour – it takes that long before the TAG code will work at a PayPoint or Payzone (electricity only).

  2. You also need to wait until you’ve run your electricity meter down to a balance of £1 or less. If you don’t, the TAG code credit could wipe off the credit in your meter.

  3. Visit your local PayPoint or Payzone (electricity only) tell the assistant your TAG code number and hand over your meter key. They’ll enter the number into their top-up machine so the credit is transferred to your key.

  4. Don’t try to make a top-up at the same time as you collect your TAG credit, or it could wipe your top-up.

  5. When you get home and put your key in your electricity meter, leave it in for about 30 seconds and the credit will transfer onto your meter.

How do you add debt to my electric meter?

If you’ve run up a debt and we need to add it to your electricity meter, we’ll send an ‘action message’ to your meter. Just carry on adding credit to your meter as usual, and within a few top-ups you should see the debt on your meter.

The action message will usually take anything from 3 to 5 top-ups to reach your meter, depending on how often and where you top up. It might take up to 10 top-ups if any of these applies to you:

  • You’re a new tenant in the property.

  • You’ve recently changed suppliers.

  • You’ve recently had a meter exchange.

  • You use different shops each time you top up.

How do you add credit or a debt to my gas meter?

If we need to add credit to your gas meter, we send a message to a PayPoint. If you’d like us to send it to a specific PayPoint of your choice, you’ll need to let us know; otherwise, we’ll simply send it to the PayPoint you last used.

If we send the message before 3pm, the credit will be available for transfer to your gas meter from 6pm that day.

If we send it after 3pm, it may not reach the PayPoint until the evening of the following day.

To see the credit on your meter you just need to:

  1. Top up at least twice with £1 or more at the same PayPoint we sent the message to.

  2. Make sure these PayPoint visits are on separate days.

  3. When you get home, leave your card in the meter for at least 30 seconds to transfer the credit.

At first the meter screen will only show your top-up amount, but then it should show your balance increasing by the amount of credit we’ve added through the PayPoint message.

If you’re in debt with us, and we’ve spoken to you about loading that debt onto your meter for easy repayment, we’ll send a Paypoint message in the same way.

If you get in touch and pay off some outstanding debt in another way (by making a one-off payment, for example), we can use the same system to wipe the debt off your gas meter.

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