What options do I have for paying back any debt I’ve built up between the time I start with Boost and when my meter is installed?

Currently, we offer the following methods:

  • Loading the debt to the smart meter. This is our most popular repayment method as it means you don’t have to do anything different - just top up as normal and a bit of your top up goes towards paying off your debt. It’s that easy. Please click here for more info.

  • Monthly Direct Debit (please note that any communications about Direct Debit may have OVO branding - don’t worry, OVO is our parent brand and they deal with the Direct Debits, but you’ll still be on supply with Boost)

  • You can also pay over the phone with a card, via a bank transfer or by cash with a paying-in slip at your bank.


We no longer offer Flexible Direct Debit. And we don’t accept PayPal.

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