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Boost Lee says:

Keep the lights on

Having control of your energy helps keep households harmonious.
That’s part of the reason, that this Valentine’s Day, Boost is encouraging people across the country to Keep the Lights on in the bedroom.

Relationship expert Alix Fox explains why keeping the lights is a good thing, “We all need a bit of electricity in the bedroom! It helps build and sustain a healthy relationship. Keeping the lights on can help couples to feel more closely bonded, get more turned on and build deeper connections.”

We have been asking people up and down the country about our nocturnal antics.  It turns out that less than three in ten Brits choose to keep the lights on, with Bristolians most likely to flick the switch off.

On the other side of the bed, people in the cities of Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and Southampton are most likely to buck the trend and leave the lights on during lovemaking. To reward this positive use of energy, we are giving away 1,000 energy saving light bulbs to people who live in these cities. 
Do you live in  Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool or Southampton and you’d like to keep the lights on in the bedroom? Just fill in your details below, between 8:00 on Tuesday 13th and 23:59 on Wednesday 14th, and we will let you know if you’re one of the lucky 1,000 to receive a free energy saving light bulb. 


Thanks to everyone who entered. The prize draw has now ended and we will get in touch with the winners in the next few days. 

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