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How can my In-Home Display (IHD) and smart meter help if I run out of credit?
Your IHD and smart meter work as a team to help you manage your energy use and keep an eye on your credit.
How do I get my emergency credit on my smart meter?
Run out of credit on your smart meter and can’t top it up straight away? Activating your emergency credit will get you extra credit to keep your energy flowing.
What data do you take from my smart meter, and why?
With a smart meter, we can collect details of the energy supply to your home and your energy use, and monitor your meter to make sure it’s working properly.
How can I manage my energy with my smart meter and IHD?
Your In-Home Display (IHD) has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to help manage your energy use.
How will my IHD stop me running out of credit?
It’s not magic. But it’s not far off. Your In-Home Display (IHD) has a bunch of functions that monitor credit. You can even set alerts to stop that cold shower becoming a reality.
Getting back on supply with Smart PAYG+
If one of your smart meters goes off supply for any reason, it’s important to act fast to get it going again.
How do I take a reading on my smart meter?
How do I take a reading on my smart meter?
You no longer need to send us meter readings once you’ve got a smart meter, but if you want to take readings to keep an eye on your energy use, here’s how.
Can I add credit manually on my IHD or smart meter?
Paypoint top-up not showing on your IHD? You might need to add the credit manually. Here’s how.
How do I top up for the first time with my new key or card?
If you’re a Boost customer, we’ll give you a key to top up your electricity meter and a card to top up your gas meter.
Why am I paying more than I expected for my energy?
See our list of the most common reasons.