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Ts & Cs for Smart meter booking/installation promotion for new Boost customers


Smart meter booking promotion - Terms and conditions
  • This offer is only available to customers who have signed up via, by calling our call centre or through a member of our outbound telesales team.
  • These terms and conditions supplement our core terms and conditions. The core terms and conditions will take precedence over these terms and conditions.
  • We will give you £15 credit for each smart meter exchanged up to a maximum of £30 per property.
  • The offer is redeemable for new Boost customers using a valid promotional code only.
  • To be eligible you must book your smart meter installation by 30th April 2019.

  • The credit will be applied to your new meter after the end of your cooling off period (set out in our terms and conditions) with Boost.

  • We won’t credit your meter if:
    • we do not install a smart meter at your property for any reason;
    • you cancel your smart meter booking appointment, unless you re-book;
    • we aren’t able to install a smart meter due to a fault of yours;
    • you do not come onto supply with Boost and/or do not agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy;
    • you breach your obligations under our terms and conditions;
    • someone over the age of 18 is not present at your property throughout the installation; or
    • we or our partners cancel your original appointment, unless you re-book within 24 hours and we subsequently exchange your smart meter(s).
  • If we decide not to install a smart meter at your property (including for a technical reason) we may provide a goodwill voucher up to the value of £30 as compensation. You will need to have provided us with a valid email address in order to receive this.