We’re P-A-Y-G

(passionate about you guys)

It’s why we’ve made it our mission to make PAYG energy fit around your life – not the other way around. Here’s our story.

Finding the Boost way

Our team started as part of OVO Energy, the UK’s largest independent energy supplier, who offered PAYG energy alongside Pay Monthly energy. Then in 2017, we decided to pour all our know-how into a new brand that only offers PAYG – because you deserve our full attention. We offer both Smart Pay As You Go Energy, as well as traditional PAYG energy, to make sure you have the right energy for your needs.

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Meet the team

We don’t see ourselves as ‘just an energy supplier’. We all believe in going above and beyond to help you have an easier life with your energy totally under control.

That’s why our app gives you the freedom to top up on the go, your In-Home Display shows you how much energy you’re using.

All these ideas are inspired by you, people who use PAYG.

Our story



Our first customers!

OVO launches PAYG energy using smart meters



350k customers

Economy Energy customers join us



190k customers

Boost is launched