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06 Mar 2020

Save Energy this Spring

In celebration of the clocks going forward and us officially entering British Summer Time - we've put together our top tips for Energy-Saving this Spring.

Open your blinds

Old habits die hard - those late winter evenings have gotten us used to switching all the lights on as soon as we walk in. The switch to Summer Time is a perfect occasion to leave the lights off that little bit longer, to enjoy all that natural light but also to save money.

Also, you might want to go that bit further and switch your light bulbs to LED. Some of the advantages compared to traditional light bulbs - longer lifespan, more efficient usage and cost cutting. LED light bulbs can cut your expenses on electricity in half.

Re-think your kitchen appliances

Did you know some kitchen appliances might be making you lose money? Your fridge and freezer can use more energy when they aren't cleaned properly, for instance. A quick spring clean can actually save you money. Your dishwasher might be another culprit of money-loss - it is much more efficient if you run it full. This will save you, ultimately, energy, detergent and water.

Install a timer switch

A timer switch is probably your best friend when it comes to living an energy-efficient life! They help regulate your overall energy usage throughout the house. It can help you to improve your habits - using appliances and lights only when essential, and help you to make sure that everyone follows a stricter set of rules (looking at you, little ones…)

Get smart

When it comes to saving, Smart meters are our heroes! Still haven’t made the change? Let us convince you:

A smart meter gives you a detailed look on your energy consumption. Our smart solution connects your phone to a smart meter - so you can easily keep an eye on your usage to save money and energy.

You can top up anywhere, any time and get access to all Boost's PayG+ features.

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