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Can Boost start supplying energy on the day I move into my new home?

If you’re moving house and want us to supply the energy in your new home, the switch will take around 3 weeks.

Once you’ve asked us to supply the energy in your new home, we need to contact the current provider and take over the supply from them. This takes around 21 days, so we can’t guarantee you’ll be switching to Boost on the day you move in.

Once you’ve asked to switch, depending on how you want us to contact you, we’ll send you either a welcome email, which should arrive just after you’ve signed up online, or a welcome letter, which will arrive a few days later. This email or letter will include the date when we’ll start supplying your energy.

Just occasionally we may run into unexpected problems and have to push that date back a bit. If so, we’ll let you know right away and keep you posted about any new dates.

Will there be energy in my new home even though Boost hasn’t started supplying it yet?

Yes. The previous company will still be providing energy. Even if you’re moving into a new-build, the developers should have arranged an energy supplier.

What should I do when I move in?

As soon as you move in, take meter readings, to make sure you don’t end up paying for any of the previous owner or tenant’s energy.

Then call the existing energy supplier to let them know you’re the new tenant or owner and give them the meter readings. Tell them you’ll soon be switching to Boost.

My new home has a prepayment meter – how do I do pay for my energy until Boost takes over the supply?

The previous tenant/owner should have left you a gas payment card and electricity key (or one or two cards if there are smart meters). The keys and card/s should be clearly labelled so you can tell which is which.

If the previous occupier hasn’t left any cards or keys, get in touch with the existing energy company straight away and explain what’s happened.

We’ll send a Boost key and card to your new address, close to the date when we’re due to take over your energy supplies. Please keep using the old key and card until the new ones arrive, but don’t top them up with much credit, or you’ll have to claim it back from the previous supplier.

Where can I find more information and tips about moving house and switching energy supplier?

You’ll find all kinds of useful details here.

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