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What are MPAN and MPRN numbers?

An MPAN is the number that identifies your electricity supply. The MPRN is the equivalent for your gas supply.

What are MPAN and MPRN numbers

These are the unique meter numbers that help energy companies identify your home.

  • MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number - it's for electricity
  • MPRN stands for Meter Point Reference Number - it's for gas

When you join Boost, we ask you to check these numbers before your cooling-off period ends. That’s to make sure we take over your home’s supply – and no one else’s.

I’m a new customer. How do I find my MPAN and MPRN numbers?

You’ll need to find a statement from your old supplier. Once you find an old statement, check whether the numbers on your old statement match the ones in our welcome letter.

If they don’t match, please contact us through web chat.

I can’t find my MPAN and MPRN numbers. What should I do?

If you can’t find your MPAN and MPRN numbers, don’t worry. With a bit of help from you, we can work it out using a national database. To get started you’ll need to have a look at the front of your meter and jot down the MSN (Meter Serial Number). Once you’ve got this number, please contact us through web chat.

Is an MPAN OR MPRN the same as a meter serial number?

No. But if you can’t find your MPAN or MPRN we may ask for a meter serial number instead.

What is a meter serial number and what does it look like?

A meter serial number (or MSN for short) is a unique combination of numbers and letters that identifies your meter. It enables energy companies to keep an accurate record of information about that particular meter.

If you have a traditional meter, it will usually be printed above or below the barcode on your meter, and it should be between 9 and 12 digits long.

Your electricity meter serial number should look something like this (it could also start with the letter ‘F’):


Your gas meter serial number should look something like this, usually starting with an L and ending in an M:


If you have a smart meter, the MSN can be found on the front of your meter, next to the barcode.

Meter serial numbers for electric smart meters will start with either 14P or 15P.

Meter serial numbers for gas smart meters will start with G4P.

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