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Social house rules


Why we use social media. 

We’re big fans of using social media, as it allows us to engage with our customers directly. We love the fact that you can say hello and ask us anything you want about our company, your account or the energy industry in general. Before you post, however, there are a few things we’d encourage you to think about, a few rules you need to follow and rights we reserve (our “Social House Rules”).


Protect yourself 

We want you to feel comfortable talking to us about anything and everything - but be careful not to over share. If you need to provide us with personal information, don't post it on the wall where everyone can see it: that's what private messages are for. To protect you, we'll remove any post we see that contains personal or sensitive information and will ask you to send it via private message instead.

When you use social media to communicate with or about us, we both agree that we can use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you can find here 

Sometimes we'll need to access your account in order to look into any queries or solve your problem, but before we do so we'll ask permission. Occasionally we’ll ask for permission more than once, but don’t get annoyed! When we do this we're not just being absent minded. When a period of time has lapsed or your query is new we have to ask you again, so we know that you're always comfortable with giving us access. We will also ask for your security details before we will be able to deal with your account or give out any account information.



Whilst we openly encourage debate and discussion occasionally we'll have to moderate some comments.

So heads up - posts containing any of the following will be taken down:

  • Any statements about Boost, its products or staff that are inaccurate, misleading or false.
  • No oversharing! We'll take down any information about you or another customer that we think is personal or confidential.
  • Let's keep it clean. Any abusive, profane, sexual, defamatory, offensive or hateful language or content (for example, links, video, clips, photographs and other images) or profanities will be removed. The same goes for malicious content, trolling and posts or comments that we think could disrupt discussions.
  • We can't tolerate the unlawful sharing of information or any content. This includes anything that violates any intellectual property rights or contains confidential material.
  • We'll also keep a close eye on the three S's: solicitation, spam and suspicious links (e.g. for example, phishing). Posts repeating the same message or that link over and over again, will be removed.
  • We're more than happy to deal with complaints on social platforms, but we can't talk about matters that are already being dealt with in an official capacity. This includes content that is subject to an internal investigation, or refers to any ongoing or potential litigation. Similarly, references to existing formal complaints or those that are already with the Energy Ombudsman will be removed from our page, and we'll redirect the complainant to the proper channels.
  • We'll also remove any mistakes that we make - you shouldn't have to suffer our typos!

For minor infractions of the above we’re happy to give the benefit of doubt, delete the post and say no more about it. However we reserve the right to block anyone or take further action against those who choose to break the rules or break the rules repeatedly.


Our rights: 

We reserve the right to the following:

  • To remove any content that doesn’t abide by our Social House Rules, and to block any user that repeatedly breaks them.
  • To amend the Social House Rules at any time without prior notice.
  • To close down our social media accounts if needed, without prior written notice.



We assume that by using/accessing any of our social platforms, that means that you're familiar and will comply with the terms & conditions of that platform e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc.
Remember that by posting on our social platforms you agree that you have the right to post such content or material.
You agree that you are solely responsible for anything you post, upload or link to on our social platforms.
And don't forget, if at any time you decide that you no longer want to receive messages and updates from our Facebook page you can always 'unlike' or 'unfollow' us. We promise we won’t be (too) hurt.


Social’s place as a customer service tool: 

We love Facebook and Twitter and the way they've helped us engage with our customers, but we're also well aware that they are not a replacement of traditional customer service channels. Our social media channels are monitored  social Monday to Thursday 8am - 8pm and Friday 8am - 6pm so if you need to contact us outside of these hours you can call us on 0330 102 7517 
 (8am-8pm Mon- Thu, 8am-7pm Fri, 9am - 2pm on Saturday).

While social is a great place for discussing a number of problems, certain emergencies call for more direct action. If you have a gas emergency, our social pages aren't the place to go. Call the 24 hour National Emergency Hotline on 0800 111 999. Similarly if you’re experiencing a power cut you should call your local Distribution Network Operator. A full list of local numbers can be found here: 

And remember, the content and comments posted by people on our social platforms don't necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of Boost, its officers, employees, agents or contractors. We do everything we can to stop offensive or inappropriate content appearing on our feeds, but if you do come across anything please let us know or report it directly to Facebook or Twitter.

If you have a problem with any of this or would like to raise a complaint please email: